Protect the environment from yourself

Today, we have a deep understanding of the various environmental protection policies and measures and what we know. In our daily life have we done anything to protect the environment? Protecting the environment and saving energy will not be achieved by the slogan, it can only be achieved when we improve and practice our practical life, doing something for ourselves.

Everyone is very important for the betterment of society and for the betterment of the people.

Studies show that pollution caused by industrial production in society accounts for only 5% of the total pollution sources, while the pollution caused by modern households occupies about 5%. Compared with society, although the family is a small cell in the society, the extent of the injury is then, according to research on the state of pollution in the heavy industry, the result shows that more than 50% of households have pollution and the main culprit is a home appliance. The most worrying is that in the family, most do not understand the problem of pollution. Relying on the environment to save our lives, protecting the environment to protect our own lives is a healthy and work environment.

Get Started with Family Electronic – Save up to kilowatt-hours and prevent pollution

Each family should do the following: Replace the filament lamp for the LED green light source, select the Green Environmental Protection Home Appliance and Solar Home Appliance Series, choose the air conditioner that best suits the size of the home, not eating too much food inside the fridge.

Ideal understanding of broad energy environment protection and energy conservation

First, parents should be an example for children. Since children always choose to imitate others, the words and actions of parents influence children, parents must establish environmental awareness with a clear awareness. Second, children’s awareness of energy savings and environmental protection should be increased. Finally, create a better environment for environmental protection and energy-saving. In everyday life, parents should do practical things to protect the environment.

Save water and reduce water pollution in everyday life

Popularize using water-saving water valves and sanitary wires; Call off after using water; Check the call frequently; Advice against using water more often.

Save each paper

Use recycled paper and save paper use to conserve forest resources. Recovering 1-ton waste paper can produce 800-kilos of recycled paper and save half the papermaking, reducing water pollution by 35%. Each waste paper can be recovered at least twice. Therefore, advocate reclaim waste paper and make efforts to reduce paper usage.